Repair Your Online Reputation with TechnoRadiant’s ORM Services

Is your company suffering due to negative reports, bad news and negative reviews over the internet? Team TechnoRadiant is here at your service. We take care of all your ORM needs to ensure that your brand is deemed by the customers for its positive achievements and reputation. We push the ripoff reports from the first page of the search engine so far that your clients will never find them.

Fresh Start for Your Brand for Better Business

Negative reports or online comments can rampantly downgrade your business growth and even mislead your audience/potential customers. Not just that, negative links, comments, pictures, or videos online can halt your brand’s growth process and restrict you from achieving your commercial goals.

If you want to get rid of those negative remarks online and make sure your brand enjoys positive promotions, TechnoRadiant can be of help. There might be instances that your brand competitors have been spreading fake rumors and complaints about your services or products to gain superiority. Team TechnoRadiant tackles all these issues with a tried and tested strategy in place.

We live in a digital era where most of your customers would find you through the internet. Your online presence can either boost your business or bring it down in a rapid manner. It is critical for your brand that the customers find the best and positive material defining your business online. Plus, your customers should never be misled by negative news or content.

Why is ORM Important for Your Business?

ORM or Online Reputation Management is critical to your business, given the fact that it helps pivot the growth of your business towards the positive end while highlighting how valuable your company. Team TechnoRadiant gives its best and puts in the best foot forward to ensure the permanent removal of negative videos, links, as well as defamatory online content.

With the use of creative social engineering methodologies, we help deliver ORM services that are cost-effective as well. Here are some of the benefits that come from TechnoRadiant’s online reputation management services.

Builds Credibility

With positive links, videos, and reviews taking over the internet platform related to your brand, your brand develops credibility amid the customers. In most cases, a potential buyer would look for a brand that has positive reviews before making a purchase.

Affects Buying Decision

A major section of your buyer group trusts online reviews in a way that is similar to personal recommendations. In case your brand is associated with a plethora of negative reviews, it might affect your customer’s buying decision. He might or might not opt for your brand and instead shop with your competitor.

Long-Lasting Effect

Anything you put online stays forever in one form or another. In case you have a number of positive reviews over the internet, it is bound to make your customers pitch in a good word for your brand, especially if this positive review is backed with amazing customer service.

Proactive Inflow of Customers

As your online review shifts from a negative one to a positive one, you will surely experience an inflow of customers that only increases with time. As your customer starts trusting in your name, the chances of lead conversion get better.

Edge Over Competitors

With TechnoRadiant’s ORM services, you also get an edge over your competitors. With positive reviews to back your brand, your customers choose your company over the industry competitors.

Builds Credibility

With positive links, videos, and reviews taking over the internet platform related to your brand, your brand develops credibility amid the customers. In most cases, a potential buyer would look for a brand that has positive reviews before making a purchase.

Our Approach To
Online Reputation Management

Before you hop on to TechnoRadiant’s ORM management techniques, let us explain the processes involved!

Strategy and Planning

Team TechnoRadiant makes use of some of the best tools available in the market for online reputation management. With such tools, the work gets faster and more efficient with better results to show. Our strategy is simple but effective. We Discover, Develop, and Monitor your online reputation.

Dedicated Project Manager

Each project at TechnoRadiant is handled with personal involvement. This is why we assign a dedicated project manager to ensure that you can communicate and know about the progress of the project at any point of time with effective coordination.

Performance Tracking

We provide daily, weekly, or monthly updates of the project’s performance as per your requirement to help you understand each and every aspect of the ORM. We also get approval for the upcoming plans for a seamless flow of work.

Knock on Various Platforms

When it comes to effective online reputation management, we leave no stone unturned. We cover every platform from Facebook to YouTube or Google to Twitter to ensure that you have minimal to no negative associations over the internet. Other platforms are Yelp, Trustpilot, Google my business, Sitejabber and others

We Make ORM Easy & Efficient

The online platform can be a confusing place if you do not have the tricks up your sleeve. For an effective ORM, your brand needs to reach the farthest corner of the online platform and place a positive precedent in the shortest time frame possible. While many might assume the ORM to be a DIY job, it certainly isn’t. You need to take help from professional SEO service providers to get the job done in an effective manner.

TechnoRadiant’s consistent process for repairing your online reputation comes with years of experience and creative techniques in place. We adhere to the set benchmark of your brand and do not engage in any malpractices that might ultimately corrupt your business’ reputation.

Online Reputation Building

Our team employs the best methodologies for the efficient creation of your online reputation management strategies. We study your brand in and out to ensure that everything we need to know about your service is up-to-date. Before we implement these strategies, we cross-check with you to ensure approval of the same.


TechnoRadiant also monitors the online brand reputation that helps us understand whether or not our strategies are working in real-time. In case they are not, we modify them accordingly to get the best results.


If you already have an ORM strategy in place and want us to tweak things up for you, we help you with our experience and skills while adhering to your existing model. We develop positive reviews and provide any necessary alternative to help your company recover from the negative precedence.

Negative Comment Removal

TechnoRadiant’s ORM services help get rid of any misleading feedback or reviews that hamper your company’s image. We ensure that your customers get to see your best side without any negative implications associated.

Effective ORM Solutions for Businesses and Individuals

TechnoRadiant’s online reputation management strategy is designed to reflect on your business’ leads and sales generation. Not just that, we also work with individuals that are in need of our ORM services. Whether you are a reputed personality, politician, CEO, or an Influencer, we bring out your best face forward for the audience and that too at a surprisingly affordable price tag.

So, why wait? Do not let negative reviews hamper your brand or personal reputation. Hire TechnoRadiant today and see the change for yourself!